Thursday, June 15, 2017

Chrysanthemum! Chrysanthemum! Chrysanthemum!

I am not the person who remembers the names of flowers or recognizes the difference of them. But, the story book "Chrysanthemum" urged me to bring out another book to learn more of flowers. 

"Chrysanthemum" the book tells a story of the girl named "Chrysanthemum" going through the journey of self-doubt to self-worth. In school, she was teased and verbally bullied by her peers just because of her name. But, the story ends perfectly that those bullies wanted to be named in flowers too: Carnation, Marigold & Lily of the Valley. It is all because of their favorite teacher's name:  Delphenium, and her desire to name her baby girl, "Chrysanthemum".

This book has been read many times in Chinese per AB's request; however, reading it in English has given me an idea to add another book in, "Planting a Rainbow" by Lois Ehlert, to learn about those flower names.

As a flower illiterate, I start liking flowers and wanting to know more about them. "Planting a Rainbow" opens up my eyes to notice the difference of each flower: its color, its petal shape, its leaf pattern and shape, etc. I find myself learning flower ABC. Although kids are not so excited as me, I do try my best to print out the real picture of each flower to compare with Ehlert's illustration and point them out for the kids. Next step, definitely, the must is going for a visit to Botanic Garden or a nursery. 

How lucky I am to find the connection of "Chrysanthemum" and "Planting a Rainbow"!!!

Isaiah 45:18
For this is what the LORD says— he who created the heavens, he is God; he who fashioned and made the earth, he founded it; he did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited— he says: “I am the LORD, and there is no other.

以賽亞書 45:18 
因為創造諸天的耶和華,他是 神,塑造大地,把大地造成;他堅立大地;他創造大地,不是荒涼的;他塑造大地,是要給人居住;他這樣說:「我是耶和華,再沒有別的 神。

Saturday, January 9, 2016

經歷神 (一)

週六中午隨著車流慢慢地開往Salvation Bookstore, 許多車不停地往我們去的方向轉進,看到那麼多的車在前頭行,心裏開始擔心哪來的車位啊。這時不知哪來的信心...


孩子們一口同聲地說 阿們!”

這時我們看到一個車位,剛剛好在書店前,我興奮地說”Thank you, Jesus!” ,老大也說"Terima Kasih, Jesus!”




不知道孩子聽懂了嗎? 但今天這兩個小經歷給我寶的一課要經歷神...

1.   和孩子一起宣告神的供應期待神的作為。
2. 教導孩子聖經的話,才能和孩子一同聽到神的聲音。

路加福音 18:16-17 耶穌卻叫他們來,說:「讓小孩子到我這裏來,不要禁止他們,因為在 神國的正是這樣的人。 我實在告訴你們,凡要承受 神國的,若不像小孩子,斷不能進去。」

Wednesday, December 23, 2015



許多人說我好脾氣,這是因為你沒看過我母獅發威。這母獅的面孔近一年來,時不時地出現:正炒著菜時,小小孩突然大哭,兩個孩子打架爭玩具;正忙時,孩子的奶打翻一地;上廁所時,孩子一下子爬上梳妝台,在我的東西裡尋寶;孩子該吃飯時,不好好吃;念書給孩子聽,小的不讓大的好好聽等。琳琳種種的大小事,又加上每一天如趕進度的煮菜洗衣,堆積如山的衣服等著我處理,孩子和先生吃的健不健康,我擔心; 同樣的飯菜自己也吃不下去,心情真的很像飛車從雲端跌下,心情和靈裡的交戰也時常的發生。






詩篇六十五 1-13
你澆透地的犂溝,潤平犂脊, 降甘霖,使地軟和;其中發長的,蒙你賜福。

Sunday, November 1, 2015

“The Foot Book” by Dr. Seuss

This is one of our family favorite books. D, my 1st child, was introduced to this book at age one. The rhythmic style of the content attracted him a lot; especially while we read it, I touched or raised his foot to help associate the texts with his body part. This game made him to ask for more of this book. After reading so many times, I even could recite some parts of the book already. Now I started this book again with my #2, A.  A also loves it a lot but only when we two read it together alone. However, the interactive reading with foot moving and comparing definitely attracts her more too.  

(Pic. above) A got to know the link between "Foot" and her foot, and between "feet" and her feet.

(Pic. right) A's right foot was raised as I read "RIGHT" with exclamatory sound effect. Giggles follow. 

(Pic left) We put our feet together as I read "small feet, big feet". I said, "Mei Mei's feet are SMALL! Mama's feet are BIG. Look at the picture. This lady's feet are SMALL and that man's feet are BIG." pointing to the picture. 

(Pic. right) At that moment, D wanted to join us. We started comparing each other's feet. I seized the moment to reinforce D's understanding on sizes. 

D: I am medium.
Mama: Right! Mama's are BIG, yours MEDIUM, and mei mei's SMALL.

(Pic left) "more and more feet" I show A how to sign "more" with hands. Here is D's demonstration.

This is how we enjoyed our reading on "The Foot book."

One little magic is found after reading this book many times and years. At the age of 3, D can recognize which hand is right or left. Amazingly, he seldom make mistakes on that. I am so glad to witness the effect of reading book interactively. I believe the magic formula in kids' learning is in parent-child reading together and repetition of the same book.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

You are real!

God, you are real!

On a usual Thursday morning, after the bible discussion, a sister passed me the map of the Israelite wandering in Desert for 40 years. She mentioned that the map is really useful to study the book of Numbers. On the spot, I was so surprised not because of her kind and thoughtful deed but because what I was thinking was read by God. Many times when preparing the homework, I just thought a map would be helpful to understand how the Israelite traveled. Due to my laziness, the thought was not acted out but kept occurring to me at least three times. My bad!

The act of that sister was simply reflecting what God wants me to have that map in hand. Thank Lord for using that sister as your vessel and thanks for hearing the little voice in my heart. Thanks for Your faithfulness. You are REAL!

Psalm 28:7
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

小小头脑在做工 ( Hardworking Brain) – Imaginative Play

丹丹(两手握拳,展开手臂飞行): 妈妈,我是Super Chugger!  I am going on a rescue! ZOOM….. 

这是我三岁又四个月大的儿子,他的小脑袋每分每秒正在天马行空的想象,一下子是开计乘车司机,想办法要妹妹当乘客,开车到这又到那;一下子是Chuggington故事中的Super Chugger,快速度飞行,帮助其他的火车作工。他的脑袋像个录音和录像机,生活中看到的、听到的,一一地记在脑子里,当独自玩时 (Solitary/Independent play), 这些新鲜字句和故事内容参入他的幻想世界,有时让我驚讶又战惊。

瑞士认知心理学( Cognitive Development)大师皮亚桀(Piaget),将二到七岁孩子的认知发展归为「前操作期」(Pre-operational Period)。这时期的孩子有个特别之处,他们运用想象力 (Pretend/Symbolic Play),将吸收到的资讯融会贯同,用自己熟悉的方式表达出来,例如把遥控器当电话打,或当起狗狗在地上爬着喝水等。若孩子爱说话,他们的语言一定会反映出他们平日吸收到的资讯。


在这资讯探手可得的世代,“玩”对孩子的发展非常重要,尤其是独自游戏 (Solitary/ Independent Play)。孩子的脑像是个小工厂,资讯不断的送入工厂,透过“玩”重整制造出货,脑里的工厂就可不断地改进,处旧佈新。我这儿谈的“玩”是孩子自导的活动,而不是大人主导。